DogLove Day School (aka Daycare), a private school for dogs!

Fun. Safe. Interactive. 

While most people choose daycare for their dog for exercise and socialization, I provide much more! I believe in taking every opportunity possible to reinforce and encourage good manners. For example, I may ask your dog to sit before I open the door to the play yard. Or, ask for eye contact before feeding them their meal or giving them a tasty treat. We may practice their recall (having your dog come when they are called) or cueing them to go to their bed. Every appropriate and polite behavior gets rewarded because the more they are reinforced, the more they will offer them. So whether you have plans for a day trip, a busy work day, or if you just want to teach your dog some social skills, DogLove has you covered.

Requirements for day School:

Dogs must be at least 1 years old, less than 35 lbs., social with other dogs, housebroken, neutered/spayed, up to date on all vaccines and on a flea prevention. A thorough assessment is conducted on all new dogs, including a written questionnaire about the dog’s behavioral and medical history.


your Dog will learn:

  • How to appropriately greet and play with other dogs in a safe, supervised environment

  • Confidence with new dogs as well as people

  • Increased listening and obedience skills


Why choose DogLove?

  • Small-dog only environment. Never more than 6 dogs at one time

  • Cared for by a certified dog trainer versed in reading dogs for signs of stress, discriminating between appropriate versus inappropriate play, and how to effectively manage the behavior of both individual dogs and a group of dogs

  • A safe, secure and supportive environment

  • Mental and physical stimulation 

  • It's the most fun your dog will have without you



Thursdays & Fridays 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM          

$50.00 (includes a 20-minute private training session)

Service vary during holidays.

Ready to Meet?

STEP 1. Schedule a Meet & Greet. My top priority is to make sure that I am the right fit for you and your dog. 

STEP 2. After the Meet & Greet, I require 1 half-day trial day school (at the standard day school rate). This is to ensure the environment is a good fit, and to help ensure that your dog will acclimate quickly and have a happy, stress-free stay. The trial day of day school is a 4 hour visit.

I was thrilled to find Erica with her training background. My pup is anxious and nervous and she understood his behavior, how to handle him, and properly introduce him into her home. She is professional, caring, and I love the updates and photos. I am confident my pup is secure and well cared for in her care!
— Cecily S.