Empowering dogs to be free and express themselves in a tranquil, transformative, safe space.

4 reasons our clients love us:

1. Peace of mind and experience. Who doesn’t want a certified dog trainer and small dog lover caring for their dog?

2. Consistent, one-on-one care. Not only will your dog be kept on their normal schedule just like when they are at home, we keep track of your dog's food intake, exercise and demeanor. So if for any reason your dog is acting a little off, we will let you know right away. We get to know your dog's personality, play style and everything about them to ensure they are kept safe and have the best stay, each and every time.

3. A cozy home away from home environment where your dog will be free and feel less anxious about you being away. 

4. Photo and video updates showing you all of the fun that they are having.


Dogs must be at least 1 and 1/2 years old, less than 35 lbs., social with other dogs, housebroken, neutered/spayed, up to date on all vaccines and on a flea prevention.

A thorough assessment is conducted on all new dogs, including a written questionnaire about the dog’s behavioral and medical history.

pricing: (Based on each 24-hour period):


5 night package - $325.00 (Valid for 30 days from date of purchase)

Ready to Meet?

STEP 1. Schedule a Meet & Greet. Our top priority is to make sure that we are the right fit for you and your dog. 

STEP 2. Book a half day (4 hour) trial day of daycare (at the standard rate). This is to ensure the environment is a good fit, and to help ensure that your dog will acclimate quickly and have a happy, stress-free stay. An overnight stay may also be required for new dogs needing further assessment.

Erica is amazing! I am so happy to have found her to look after Jack, my Australian Shepherd. He has a lot of energy and so it’s important to me to have him with someone who I know genuinely loves animals and gives them lots of TLC. Plus, we go away at least once a year for 2 weeks so it’s really great to know he will be looked after by someone I trust completely. I always know he is in good hands, and I love the fact that she is a trainer, because that means he never picks up bad habits (like he used to when staying with other people) and even comes home with new skills!! Erica is professional, warm and completely trustworthy. I highly recommend her!
— Melanie S.