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Hello & Welcome

My name is Erica. I am a certified dog trainer and the Founder of DogLove San Diego. I grew up on the East Coast and have owned small dogs my entire life. DogLove was established in 2014 and inspired by my pug, Sampson. We are pictured here at Coronado Dog Beach, his happy place!

Our story: Sampson had frequented an all-in-one (boarding, daycare, grooming, veterinary and training) pet care facility when over time I began noticing changes in his behavior. My once confident, dog-friendly dog was now avoiding other dogs (both big and small). He no longer initiated play, cowered and became attached to me. Viewing the facility’s webcam, I observed that the outdoor space was becoming increasingly overcrowded. Dogs of all sizes were packed into a small area, which did not give the dogs enough space to roam free. As a concerned parent, I sought alternatives but couldn’t find anything suitable. I began setting up playdates in my home with my friend’s small dogs and what I found was that they too had had similar experiences.

DogLove San Diego was born on the idea of not only helping Sampson but also other small dog owners in my community. From that point on, I began pet sitting full-time. I apprenticed and became an Assistant Dog Trainer with Synergy Dog Training. I apprenticed as a Service Dog Trainer with Tender Loving Canines Assistance Dogs (TLCAD), and volunteered with the San Diego Humane Society’s Behavior Center where I especially enjoyed working with the shy and fearful dogs to help build their confidence. And in 2017, I obtained my dog trainer certification through CATCH Canine Trainers Academy. 

As a dog trainer, I specialize in effective, science-based, positive training methods. I avidly continue my education by attending conferences and workshops held by the leading dog trainers and behavior modification specialists. I work one on one with dogs (day training) to produce faster results and to make the lives of my busy clients easier.

When I’m not working, I enjoy going to the beach, photography, spending time with friends and taking in the beauty of Balboa Park. I share my San Diego abode with Sampson and a plethora of visiting canines.

All year long, you give us the gift of peace of mind, knowing that Artie is loved so well in his home away from home. And becoming friends is icing on the cake!
— Kara K.