DogLove ‘Puppy’ and ‘Obedience’ Training 

We believe it’s never too early to teach fundamentals life skills


Peace of mind for busy Dog Owners 

  • Your puppy will learn house training, crate training, how to respond to their name, walk on a loose leash, be calm, and so much more.

  • Discover new ways to create a stronger bond with your dog.

  • You and your dog will feel empowered because they are learning all new behaviors and new ways of being.

    Unlike the coaching training model where the trainer meets with you and your dog once a week and trains you to train your dog, we offer Day Training. With day training, we work one-on-one with your dog to produce faster results and then we show you how to maintain the work that we have done…and with no hassle to your schedule. Typically, we work with your dog 2 times per week and 1 time per week (coaching session) with you.

We use positive reinforcement to train foundational social skills and manners. If you give your dog a reward (praise, play, food, toys, etc.) when he/she responds to you or offers an action or a behavior that you like, then that behavior is likely to be repeated. Your dog learns that good things happen when he/she does the thing that you like.


Initial In-home Consultation (90 minutes): $110.00

Day Training Programs:

  • 2 consecutive weeks consisting of 6, one-hour sessions. Plus, 1 day of day school

    Total: $510.00

  • 3 consecutive weeks consisting of 9, one-hour sessions. Plus, 1 day of day school

    Total: $765.00

  • 4 consecutive weeks consisting of 12, one-hour sessions. Plus, 2 days of day school or 1 night of boarding

    Total: $1,102.00

  • Monthly Training Rates Available. Best Value and Results - Price varies

We will work one on one with your dog to build foundation behaviors. This includes basic manners (sit, down, stay, leave it, come), potty training, loose-leash walking, wait, pay attention/focus and self control exercises. We will provide physical and mental enrichment for your dog. All sessions will include a refill of your dog’s water bowl, feeding (if required) and potty breaks. A text or email summary of what we worked on that day and recommendations for how to continue working towards your goals with your dog in between my visits.




My little puppy Biscuit is a ball full of energy. Erica was able to show me (and him) how to get him to relax on a designated area. It was a great tool to be taught. Erica is a kind and patient trainer and carries a true love for what she does!
— Rebecca D.