‘Puppy’ and ‘Obedience’ Training 

We train your dog for you


We don’t just teach your dog to sit and stay. Sure, that’s helpful but some of the end results that we are working towards include:

-Providing a higher quality of life.

-The ability for you to enjoy your dog more.

-To make an impact on your day to day life.

-Providing faster results.

-Providing you with a happier dog and happier family.

-Building a better relationship and stronger bond with your dog and family.

-Having your dog be more cooperative.

How does that sounds? Are you ready to work with us to achieve these goals?

We specialize in Day Training. With day training, we work one-on-one with your dog to produce faster results and then we show you how to maintain the work that we have done…with no hassle to your schedule. Typically, we work with your dog 2 times per week and 1 time per week (coaching session) with you.

  • Your puppy will learn foundation behaviors which include basic manners (sit, stay, leave it, come), potty training, loose leash walking, focus, self control and so much more.

  • You and your dog will feel empowered because you are learning all new behaviors and new ways of being.

We use positive reinforcement to train foundational social skills and manners. If you give your dog a reward (praise, play, food, toys, etc.) when he/she responds to you or offers an action or a behavior that you like, then that behavior is likely to be repeated. Your dog learns that good things happen when he/she does the thing that you like.


Initial Consultation (duration: 90 minutes): $115.00

Day Training (duration: 3 months): Programs are customized for your specific goals. A total of 36 sessions (two 1:1 sessions per week with your dog and 1 coaching session per week with you). Investment: 3 monthly installments of $1,111.00 or a one time payment of $3,222.00. Add ons: 20% off boarding and daycare while in training.

Maintenance Program: Designed for dogs who are needing a refresher and/or who have already completed one of our day training programs. 4 sessions: $300.00

Board & Train (duration: 2 weeks): Starting at $2,050.00




My little puppy Biscuit is a ball full of energy. Erica was able to show me (and him) how to get him to relax on a designated area. It was a great tool to be taught. Erica is a kind and patient trainer and carries a true love for what she does!
— Rebecca D.