DogLove Training 

Let me train your dog for you!


Peace of mind for busy Dog Owners 

Are you overwhelmed with the new puppy you just brought home? Do you just not have any free time between work, family and life? Day Training is your solution and I can help! With day training, I work one-on-one with your dog to produce faster results and then I show you how to maintain the work that we have done…with no hassle to your schedule. Typically, this looks like me coming to your home three times per week and then we meet at the end of the week for a coaching session.

Alternatively, you may bring your dog to me for the hour or incorporate the training into your dog’s daycare or boarding. I also provide pick-up and/or drop-off service within a 5 mile radius.

*Puppy Training

One of the most important things that you can do to help your puppy grow up to be a friendly, confident dog is to socialize them ASAP. Socialization as the term is commonly used, means giving your pup careful, positive exposure to all of the things that he/she might encounter as an adult dog. If your puppy isn’t exposed to a variety of people and dogs when they are young, he/she might not be as friendly or confident as an adult. They may also become fearful.

What is Positive Reinforcement? If you give your dog a reward (praise, play, food, toys, etc.) when he/she responds to you or offers an action or a behavior that you like, then that behavior is likely to be repeated. Your dog learns that good things happen when he/she does the thing that you like.


In-home Consultation (90 minute): $110.00

Option 1: I come to your house to build foundation behaviors. This includes basic manners (sit, down, stay, come, etc.), potty training, loose-leash walking and to provide physical and mental enrichment for your dog. 

  • 1 week package consisting of 3, one hour sessions: $195.00

Option 2: You bring your dog to my house

  • 1 week package consisting of 3, one hour sessions: $165.00

All sessions include a refill of your dog’s water bowl, feeding (if required), potty breaks, a text/email summary of what we worked on that day, and recommendations for how to continue working towards your goals with your dog in between my visits.




My little puppy Biscuit is a ball full of energy. Erica was able to show me (and him) how to get him to relax on a designated area. It was a great tool to be taught. Erica is a kind and patient trainer and carries a true love for what she does!
— Rebecca D.