Day Training

A perfect option for busy people, day training allows me to work one on one with your dog to establish well-rounded foundation skills and manners in the comfort of your own home. Board and Train programs are also available. 
After the initial consultation, I will come to your house several times per week typically for an hour to build foundation behaviors, work on potty training, loose-leash walking, and to provide physical and mental enrichment for your dog. At the end of each week, I will meet with you to show you what we’ve been working on. You’ll learn how to maintain the behaviors they were taught to keep up the great work!

Each session includes a refill of your dog’s water bowl, feeding (if required), potty breaks, a email summary of what we worked on that day, and recommendations for how to continue working towards your goals with your dog in between my visits.

Initial consultation .....$

Two lessons per week for four weeks . . . . . $

Three lessons per week for four weeks . . . . . $
Four lessons per week for four weeks . . . . . $

Five lessons per week for four weeks . . . . . . $