Erica Taylor

Erica Taylor, CCDT, is a certified dog trainer and the Founder of DogLove San Diego. She specializes in effective, science-based training methods. She has always been a passionate and patient dog lover and has owned dogs her entire life.

In 2014, she was inspired to start a home-based pet care business after realizing that her pug, Sampson, seemed to thrive better in smaller group environments and in in-home boarding situations. Through her pet sitting business, Erica has gained vast experience handling dogs of all sizes, ages, temperaments and breeds. But it is Erica’s personable, trustworthy and down to earth nature that keeps her clients (both human and canine!) coming back.

Erica avidly continues her education by attending conferences and workshops held by the world's leading dog trainers and behavior modification specialists. She volunteers with the San Diego Humane Society’s Behavior and Training Center. She especially enjoys working with shy and fearful dogs to help build their confidence and improve the way they exist within the world. She has a passion for dog photography and enjoys playing tennis.