Freedom, choice and possibilities for small dogs and their owners

My name is Erica and I’m the founder of DogLove San Diego. I’ve owned small dogs my entire life and I have self trained each one since they were eight weeks old. As a highly energetically sensitive person, working with dogs has come natural as I am able to pick up on their energy and who they are. I’ve been called a dog whisperer, a title that often makes me blush. It’s such a joy and has always felt rewarding to teach my puppies new life skills and behaviors that would last a lifetime. It was no different when I got my current dog, a pug named Sampson, who was the inspiration behind DogLove.

Through trial and error, I learned that traditional boarding and daycare facilities were not a good fit for him. I have nothing against them, he just did not thrive in that type of environment. What I wanted in a boarding and daycare facility was for him to be looked after by someone that cared for him just as much as I did (was that even possible?). I wanted them to develop a strong bond with him. I wanted him to be happy and stress-free. Whether I was at work or on vacation, I wanted not to worry about him and, I certainly did not want him to be caged up or (equally worse) left outside to “play all day.” After all, dogs need a lot of rest. This place, unfortunately, did not exist until DogLove.

Sampson’s well-being was so important to me that I became a certified dog trainer and now I help other small dog owners in my community. My motto in training, boarding and daycare is to take things S L O W. I believe that everyone can have a well behaved dog and that giving a dog and their owners a choice is powerful and empowering.

Is this you?

  • You just brought home a new puppy and are feeling overwhelmed.

  • Your dog currently attends daycare but he’s about to get kicked out for “acting out.”

  • Your dog is your baby and you haven’t found anyone trustworthy or responsible enough to leave them with, making it challenging for you to plan trips.

How would it feel to go on vacation and not feel guilty about leaving your pup behind?

And, wouldn’t it be great if they did not pick up any bad habits?

What if you had a well-trained dog? What would that do for you?

Dogs are family and when it comes to their care, DogLove offers you endless possibilities and freedom.

Our goal is simple. To help make your life a little easier!


Certified dog trainer

Small-dog only environment

Boarding / Daycare: 6 dogs max

Your dog's loving paws are in loving hands.


We prefer small groups. That is why we never have more than 6 small dogs at one time. Dogs also receive private one on one training.


Heading out of town and can’t take your dog with you?


We provide a tranquil, safe place for your dog. A place where they can be free!  



We believe it’s never too early to teach fundamentals life skills. Our Day Training programs allow us to work one on one with your dog to produce faster results.

Erica is that rare combination of very responsible, professional, and thorough, blended with warmth and enthusiasm. Her boarding service is peerless, and her positive reinforcement training is a huge asset. Oh, and her canine partner - Sampson - makes every visiting dog feel welcome.
— Nicholas N.
My dog, Indy, is a rescue with a history of separation anxiety. On the day-to-day, he tags along with me almost everywhere I go. So when I finally decided to go on a trip I couldn’t take him on, I wanted to find someone who understood his needs and who could make him feel at home while I was away. I couldn’t imagine a better person for the job than Erica. She seems extremely experienced when it comes to caring for dogs and made sure that she was the right fit for Indy before I left him overnight. Her home is also very dog friendly, complete with a sunny backyard. I’m almost definitely sure that leaving Indy was much harder for me than it was for him, but Erica handled it with grace and addressed all of my concerns. Over the course of my trip, I received several photos, videos, and status updates from Erica every day, which really helped to ease my mind. Indy ended up having a wonderful time with Erica and Sampson and I was able to enjoy my vacation knowing my pup was happy. I fully recommend Erica and plan to book more reservations with her in the future!
— Jenny B.
I can’t say enough good things about Erica and her pug Sampson. She is a true professional and dog lover and the whole experience from accommodating my schedule, setting up the Meet and Greet and trial daycare was absolutely fantastic. After five minutes of meeting with her, I knew that she was the person for the job!
— Jess F.